Day of the Procedure

  • Review directions and parking information on our Specialty Care Center page.

  • Your child may brush teeth using water only. No toothpaste, please!

  • Please arrive by your scheduled arrival time.

  • If you have downloaded the Surgery Connect app, you will receive helpful reminders. 

Checking In for Same Day Surgery at St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center:

  • Park and come directly into the main entrance of the St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center.

  • When you arrive, please stop at the guest services desk. They will direct you to the surgery center.

  • Check in at the surgery center front desk.

  • After checking in at the front desk, have a seat in our waiting area.

Pre-Procedure Area at Specialty Care Center:

  • A nurse will escort you and your child to a private room in the pre-operative area.

  • You and your child will meet the surgical service team to discuss your child’s anesthesia plan. Your child may require an IV before the procedure.

  • We work with child life specialists who use distraction and other techniques to minimize pain or discomfort.

  • Prior to the procedure, your child may be required to provide a urine sample. If your child needs to use the bathroom while you’re in the pre-procedure area, please check with the nurse before going.

  • As a routine part of the process, we screen our female patients’ urine samples for possible pregnancy starting at age 9.

During the Procedure at Specialty Care Center:

  • Parents and family members are welcome to wait in our waiting area during the procedure.

  • Family may eat and drink at the food kiosk on the first floor after your child has gone into the procedure.

  • Your physician will speak with you about your child’s procedure and recovery period.

After Surgery Recovery at Specialty Care Center:

  • The operating room nurse and anesthesia team will bring your child to the recovery area after the procedure is complete. You will be called into the recovery area as soon as your child is awake.

  • Most children will spend about one hour at the St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center after their procedure. Some children may stay longer based on recovery time and procedure.

Discharge and Follow-Up Care After Surgery

  • You will receive instructions regarding your child’s diet, activity, and follow-up care at time of discharge.  If you have downloaded the Surgery Connect app, you can access discharge instructions via the app.

  • Before you leave, a pharmacist will deliver any required medication to your child’s room and will go over any questions or concerns.

  • Once you return home, you will receive a phone call to check on your child’s recovery unless you request otherwise.

  • We suggest having apple juice, Pedialyte or other clear drinks at home for after the procedure.