An outpatient clinic meets four half-days per week at St. Louis Children's Hospital. We also hold clinics at our locations in West County, South County, and Shiloh, Illinois.

These services account for approximately 3,700 patient visits per year. Approximately 40% of these represent patients with diabetes and approximately 600 of these represent new patient consultations with other endocrine-related disorders or growth problems.

The Outpatient Endocrinology Service evaluates and follows children with all types of endocrine disorders. These include children with disorders of growth, pubertal development (delayed or precocious), thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders (including adrenal insufficiency, Cushings syndrome, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia), hypopituitarism, and disorders of bone and mineral metabolism. In addition, children with metabolic diseases or hormonal abnormalities associated with hypoglycemia are also evaluated and followed.

The Diabetes Service acts as a referral service following a wide variety of diabetic children and teenagers. The Diabetes Service operates in close collaboration with the primary care physician in the community but offers a full range of services related to diabetes care. Currently, there are approximately 1,000 patients with diabetes followed regularly on this service who are seen every three months.

Certified Diabetes Educators lead regular classes for patients and their families including Survival Skills, Beyond the Basics, and Pump classes. Additionally they facilitate a diabetes meet-up group to support children with diabetes and their caregivers.

The Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes provides 24-hour on-call coverage for all patients. Those who assist in the care of chronic diseases, particularly diabetes, include clinical nurse specialists, nutritionists, a social worker, and a psychologist.