The cardiac anesthesiologists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital provide care for children of all ages. Our team includes board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists, certified nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners and pediatric anesthesia fellows.

We care for children undergoing:

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Cardiac catheterization laboratory procedures
  • Non-cardiac surgical procedures
  • Other imaging and diagnostic procedures

Excellent Anesthesia Care For Your Child

Our cardiac anesthesiologists are an integral part of your child’s care team. These specially trained doctors are true experts in keeping your child comfortable and relieving any anxiety. Our anesthesia care stands out for several reasons:

  • We have one of the region’s largest cardiac anesthesiology teams, and this expertise means more personalized attention and specialized knowledge for your child.
  • The cardiac anesthesia team consults with the cardiac surgeon and cardiologist to develop a detailed anesthesiology plan for each patient before every procedure. This ensures that each child’s anesthesia is as customized to his or her needs as possible.
  • We communicate your child’s anesthesia plan to everyone involved in your child’s care to ensure that the whole team is prepared in case of a complication.

What to Expect with Anesthesia

Our goal with every sedation or anesthetic is to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. Here is what you can expect:

  • We will see you and your child before the surgery or procedure to perform an assessment and consultation. We will take this opportunity to learn about your child and discuss the anesthetic plan. This visit usually happens the day before the surgery or procedure, but it can be as early as a week before or on the same day as the procedure.
  • We will discuss varying methods of anesthesia and sedation, depending on the procedure, the child’s age and previous experience with anesthesia. We will always work to make sure your child will be comfortable during the procedure.
  • We will assist in coordination of care if your child needs multiple procedures.
  • We will discuss pain control options available for your child after surgery.
  • Your anesthesiologist will be with your child during the surgery or procedure, keeping him/her safe and comfortable.

Meet the Experts

We have a highly trained group of cardiac anesthesiologists who will be with your child from start to finish. Meet the team at The Heart Center.