The most experienced pediatric lung transplant program in the world.

St. Louis Children's Hospital has performed more than 400 lung and heart-lung transplants since 1990, making it the most experienced pediatric lung transplant program in the world. Pediatric lung transplants are most commonly performed for cystic fibrosis and pulmonary vascular disease. At St. Louis Children's Hospital, lung transplants are also performed in conjunction with surgical repair of complex heart defects that cause pulmonary hypertension.

Pioneers in Infant Lung Transplant

In 1994, lung transplants were performed for the first time for an unusual genetic disease called pulmonary surfactant protein B (SPB) deficiency. Infants with this condition usually die within days or weeks of birth due to severe respiratory distress. Lung transplantation is now providing a chance at life for these infants while genetic researchers attempt to develop gene therapy for families who carry the defective gene.

For more information on pediatric lung transplants, please call St. Louis Children's Hospital's lung transplant department at 314.454.3636 or 877.578.4449 or email us.

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