Cancer diagnosis and treatment for children

Video: A Journey of Hope

What you need to know about your child’s cancer and care at Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

A Journey of HopeThis video is just one way your health care team intends to show you that you are not alone on your journey with cancer. We will be with you every step of the way. From diagnosis to life at home, use this educational resource to better understand your child’s cancer and the care your whole family will receive here at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


The video, A Journey of Hope, is broken into segments.


  • A Place to Start - Let Us Help You On Your Journey

Listen to Other Parents

  • My Child Has Cancer
  • How Do I Make This Work?
  • Becoming an Informed Parent
  • Returning to School
  • Life at Home

Things You Should Know

  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Chemotherapy and Side Effects
  • Understanding Blood Counts
  • When a Patient Has a Fever
  • Central Lines

We're Here to Help

  • Meet the Cancer Care Team
  • Life in the Hospital
  • The Outpatient Clinic

Kids Talk to Kids

  • I Have Cancer?
  • Telling Freinds and Family You Have Cancer
  • Getting Chemotherapy/Losing Hair/What's the Central Line Thing?
  • What to do in the Hospital/Meeting Others
  • The Finish Line


  • The Goal - The Sweetest Sound