Cancer diagnosis and treatment for children

Why Choose Siteman Kids

As the largest childhood cancer care center in the region, Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital offers:

Specialized cancer expertise

Siteman Kids offers clinicians who specialize in treating specific cancers. Studies have shown that the more experience a physician has addressing a specific condition, the more successful they are in treating it.

Expertise in all types of cancers, both common and rare, including:

Tailored treatments

We use genomic medicine (the study of the complete set of your child’s genetic material, your child’s genome) to tailor cancer treatment.

Clinical trial opportunities

We offer numerous clinical trials (including many phase 1 trials) giving your child access to emerging therapies not available elsewhere in the region. Clinicians are also active participants in Children's Oncology Group (COG) protocols.

Targeted therapies

To minimize the effects of treatment, we offer therapies that more precisely target cancer cells and spare healthy cells, including proton beam therapy, gamma knife and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). These therapies are particularly helpful for treating tumors near vital organs such as the brain and heart.

Addressing side effects of treatment

Cancer treatments bring a variety of side effects that can affect your child’s quality of life. We address not only the primary issue of treating your child’s cancer, but also the side effects that come with it, including:

  • Neutropenia: neutropenia is a common side effect of chemotherapy; cancers affecting the bone marrow such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma; radiation treatment; and some infections, including Lyme disease.

Responding to social and emotional concerns

We help children and young adults address the mental and emotional issues that come with cancer, including support for school and college retention, fertility concerns, peer acceptance and career planning.

Advanced procedures

We offer the full spectrum of cancer procedures, from standard procedures (such as chemotherapy, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, and spinal tap) to more specialized procedures, including:

  • Bone marrow harvest

  • Bone marrow transplantation

  • Chronic transfusion therapy

  • Pheresis, sometimes referred to as apheresis, a procedure used to remove harmful substances in the blood

  • Stem cell transplant

  • Limb salvage, an orthopedic procedure that creates a functional limb by replacing diseased bone (commonly from bone cancers like osteosarcoma) with an implant

Survivorship services, including late effects of cancer treatment

Our support continues after we meet our goal of beating cancer. We have the largest survivorship program in the region, where we focus on addressing late effects of cancer treatment, including heart and lung damage.