Can I be with my child during visits?

Yes. Parents are valuable members of a child’s medical team and are encouraged to share any concerns and observations.

Will my child experience any pain?

Consultations are pain-free. Physicians and other clinic staff seek to minimize any discomfort or anxiety and make your child feel safe.

How long can we expect to be there?

You can expect that your child’s first visit to the clinic to last about 45 minutes. Physicians may recommend additional imaging tests or procedures, however, which may add to your child’s appointment time.

Are there any special preparations for the visit?

Typically, no. If there is a procedure or medication scheduled that requires no eating or drinking before the visit, parents will be informed when the appointment is made.

What are the advantages of going to the Orthopedics/ID Clinic?

Better coordinated care. Instead of having multiple appointments, your child will be seen by two specialists at once who will work together with parents to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. Orthopedic/ID Clinic care means fewer trips to the doctor and a quicker, more direct process.  In addition to being able to see two specialists at once, we also have physical therapy, orthotics, etc. available in the clinic.

Where is the Orthopedics/ID Clinic?

We are conveniently located on the first floor of St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Suite 1B.

Scheduling an Appointment

A physician referral is needed for an appointment.

Pediatricians, primary care physicians, specialists or emergency room physicians may call 800.678.HELP (4357) to schedule an appointment or to speak with an Orthopedics/ID Clinic staff member.