When Should A Parent Seek Psychological Care for a Child?

For children displaying any of the following symptoms, parents are encouraged to first speak with their child’s primary care physician and ask if it is time to seek additional care.

  • Aggressive, noncompliant, impulsive, destructive or hyperactive behavior
  • Unexplained or prolonged emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, irritability, anger or grief
  • Lack of concentration/attention, poor school performance, poor organizational skills or conflicts with teachers
  • Delays in development such as language, cognitive, or social and emotional abilities
  • Trouble with social relationships such as peer problems or social skill deficits
  • Difficulty adjusting to stressful situations, such as a chronic illness, divorce, relocation, sibling rivalry or step-family changes

Again, please consult with your child’s primary care physician to determine if psychological assistance is best for your child’s specific needs.