It is recommended that patients’ medical records from their pediatrician or primary care physician be sent to the center prior to the first visit. This will alert the Transgender Center’s physicians to any pre-existing conditions that may be affected by hormone therapy, such as epilepsy, migraines, clotting disorders or mood instability.

The first visit will take 60 – 90 minutes. Those who have not yet received counseling may be referred to a mental health provider for a gender dysphoria assessment. In young children, this assessment and an informational discussion with a Washington University pediatric endocrinologist may be all that is needed until the child enters puberty.

For patients who have started puberty, pubertal blockers are discussed as well as the possibility of beginning cross-sex (gender-affirming) hormones once they reach their mid-teens. Our goal is to help our patients make the decisions that best meet their particular needs and preferences and to ensure they are achieved.