KidsFlight 1

When needed, St. Louis Children's Hospital's dedicated helicopter, KidsFlight1, is readily available for door-to-door transport. The specially-designed twin-engine EC145 helicopter is equipped to carry newborns and pediatric patients. This includes specialized ventilators, monitors and pediatric airway equipment, IVs and medications. KidsFlight is also equipped with the comfort items needed by children -- pacifiers, bottles, baby blankets, and, for older children on longer flights, portable video games and DVD.

  • KidsFlight1 allows a faster transport time up to 150 ground miles without requiring refueling
  • Onboard Liquid Oxygen System
  • Onboard Compressed Breathing Air System
  • Equipped with satellite phone to allow communications with Children's if necessary
  • Advanced avionics equipped with night vision to ensure safe night flying
  • Larger size allows seating for 5 crew members safely if needed

Helicopter Cargo Bay