KidsFlight 3

When the St. Louis Children's Hospital Critical Care Transport Team requires the use of a fixed wing aircraft, the team has a PC-12 Pilatus fixed wing airplane operated by Air Methods Corp. Trips flown by the fixed wing take extra time to set up due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations; however, the team can be en route in one hour from the time of call in these cases. Fixed wing flights are usually used for long distances or in cases where the helicopter is unable to fly.

  • Equipped as such as KidsFlight 1
  • Fixed Wing transportation is used primarily for trips within the surrounding states of Missouri
  • The Fixed Wing is utilized quite frequently in areas that are just outside KidsFlight1's distance
  • Equipped with the latest most advanced avionics (instruments) to allow both VFR and IFR flight ratings
  • Onboard weather radar system allows updated weather information to re-route if less than perfect weather exist in flight
  • Equipped with onboard satellite phone allows direct communications to St. Louis Children's Hospital if needed
  • If conditions and seating allow, a parent can accompany their child; as always the pilot will make final decision