Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Our state-of-the-art MICUs carry the latest equipment and supplies for airway management, artificial ventilation, oxygenation, suction and patient monitoring to provide care for the most acutely ill patients during transport.  They are owned by and based at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  These units enable a team typically comprised of two clinicians and one MICU operator, all with extensive experience and training in pediatric and newborn care.  Depending on the illness, a specially trained Physician can also be included. This team composition allows a smooth transition in the bridge of newborn and pediatric intensive care between hospitals within a 200-mile ground service area. Many intensive care procedures can be performed during transport that typically could be delayed at an outlying hospital. Several area and national EMS services are currently modeling their MICUs after the St. Louis Children's Hospital design.

Our MICUs Offer:

  • All MICU's have the same latest and advanced equipment with minor differences in equipment placement
  • On board Liquid Oxygen Systems
  • On board Compressed Breathing Air Systems
  • A patient compartment finished with a calming cartoon theme such as a rainforest, and an under the sea concept.
  • Parents are welcome to ride with in the MICU with their child.
  • A safety belt system that allows the crew to access patients while properly restrained.
  • A refrigerator to keep medicines at proper temperature.
  • A heating cabinet to warm blankets.
  • A redundant electrical system backed up by a generator in case of a vehicle failure
  • TV/DVD players to allow less acute pediatric patients to watch videos on extended transports.