Children's Ambassadors

Children's Ambassadors are young professionals from across the city who are committed to improving the lives of patients and families at St. Louis Children's Hospital through volunteering, donating and spreading awareness. The Ambassadors engage with St. Louis Children's Hospital throughout the year. Please contact Emily Heaton Miller [email protected] to learn more about joining this group of committed young adults who are making a difference in the lives of our patients and families.

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2024 Ambassadors Chair
John Crowley

2024 Ambassadors

  • Ashley Bailey
  • Chris Bochtler
  • Courtney Coffman
  • Alex Courtney
  • Christine Gooch
  • Lauren Hadfield
  • Cole Imbs
  • Zach Joiner
  • Jeremy Lieb
  • JD Maher
  • Kira McGrotty
  • Zach Meier
  • Patrick Noles
  • Maddie Pearl
  • Rachel Pearl
  • Max Rowe
  • Joe Renner
  • Lan Sansone
  • Matthew Schoelch
  • Ericka Seidel
  • Dana Sell
  • Lincoln Sorensen
  • Nick Venhaus
  • Erin Zawalski