To help keep everyone safe and doing our part to halt the spread of COVID-19, St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation staff will be working remotely until further notice. While working remote, we are still dedicated to our mission to do what's right for kids and are available by phone, email and virtual meetings. We look forward to hearing from you!

St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation OfficesOur Foundation would love to hear from you.

St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation
1001 Highlands Plaza Drive West, Suite 160
St. Louis, MO 63110 

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Tanya (Lieber) Waskiewicz, Chief Development Officer
[email protected] | 314.286.0971

Jackie Chambers, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
[email protected] | 314.286.0978

Josh Palacios, Executive Director, Operations
[email protected] | 314.286.0974

Megan Perez, Director, Donor Engagement and Experience
[email protected] | 314.286.0995

Janelle Ammel, Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Communications — Editorial
[email protected] | 314.286.1072

Katelyn Bradford, Project Coordinator
[email protected] | 314.273.3653

Hannah Brenton, Senior Philanthropy Officer
[email protected] | 314.286.1270

Paige Buchheit, Donor Events Coordinator
[email protected]

Katelyn Churchill, Special Events Manager
[email protected] | 314.273.3651

Hailey Cooper, Senior Philanthropy Officer
[email protected] | 314.273.3458

Lynn Diederichsen, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

Ty Dowdy, Manager, Donor Relations
[email protected]

Annie Earlysmith, Donor Event Coordinator
[email protected]

Luke Edwards, Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Communications – Audio/Visual Production
[email protected]

Katie Harder, Campaign Manager
[email protected]

Emily Heaton Miller, Relationship Manager
[email protected] | 314.454.2338

Stephanie Hoppe, Corporate and Foundation Relations
[email protected] | 314.286.1573

Jeff Hrbacek, Data Specialist
[email protected] | 314.286.1549

Lauri Johnston, Board Engagement Liaison
[email protected]

Jeff Jones, Relationship Manager
[email protected] | 314.273.3650

Katrina Joseph, Administrative Coordinator
Katrina.Jose[email protected] | 314.286.1515

Shelly Klohmann, Senior Philanthropy Officer
[email protected]

Kathryn Lodes, Annual Giving Manager
[email protected] | 314.286.0976

Kara Lofton, Senior Graphic Designer
[email protected]

Carri Meyer, Planned Giving Director
[email protected]

Marianne Meyer, Data Specialist
[email protected] | 314.286.0982

Greg Mormino, Data Specialist
[email protected] | 314.286.0973

Margo Newman, Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer
[email protected] | 314.286.1293

Trudy Odenwald, Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

Ana Pantazi, Director, Administrative Operations
[email protected] | 314.286.1575

Colleen Phillips, Senior Philanthropy Officer
[email protected]

Callie Raspberry, Relationship Manager
[email protected] | 314.286.0934

Maria Rehkemper, Senior Philanthropy Coordinator

Whitney Ricke, Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Communications – Patient & Family Ambassador
[email protected]

Keisha Robinson, Board Engagement Liaison
[email protected] | 314.286.1134

Bob Rubenstein, Prospect Research
[email protected] | 314.286.1553

Jenny Schmidt, Manager, Donor Marketing & Communications
[email protected] | 314.273.3654

Julie Silverman, Quality Analyst
[email protected] | 314.273.9029

Katie Tracy, Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Communications — Digital
[email protected] | 314.273.3459

Amy Trapp, Manager, Hospital and Board Engagement
[email protected] | 314.920.5545

Katie Weber, Project Coordinator
[email protected] | 314.286.1025

Derek Wilhelm, Supervisor, Business Analyst
[email protected] | 314.286.0986

Desiree' N. Williams, Grants Coordinator
[email protected] | 314.286.1545

Lisa Williams, Office Manager
[email protected] | 314.286.0970