Ashton's Story

Ashton WyattWhen a prenatal ultrasound revealed that Sara and Aaron Trombley's unborn son had congenital vertical talus, they already knew where they would go. Just 18 months earlier, their firstborn son, Ashton, was born with the same foot deformity.

Unfortunately, Ashton's first round of treatment in their home state of Virginia was unsuccessful. "My father-in-law is a physician. He reviewed medical journals and searched on-line for treatment options," says Sara. "His research eventually led us to St. Louis Children's Hospital and Dr. Matthew Dobbs."

The Trombleys traveled halfway across the country for treatment. "We were eager to get Ashton's feet corrected and knew that Dr. Dobbs was world renowned for his modified Ponseti method."

Once they arrived in St. Louis, their concerns were immediately put to rest. "I was surprised by how different it was to be treated at a children's hospital," says Sara.  "Everyone focused on caring for you and your child. There were so many little things that made a really big difference to our whole family. Plus, Dr. Dobbs is the kindest, nicest man – he explains everything. The entire staff bent over backwards to help us."

After treatment using the Ponseti method, Ashton's vertical talus has been successfully corrected. "He is running everywhere! His knees are skinned up a little bit but that doesn't bother me because I am so happy that he can run!"

Little Brother Wyatt

WyattAshton's new baby brother, Wyatt, began treatment at Children's Hospital at just 4 weeks of age. Today, Wyatt is a busy 4-month-old boy.

"We knew what to expect this time around," says Sara. "I knew that Wyatt would be ok. Thanks to Dr. Dobbs, I look forward to seeing Wyatt running after his big brother soon!"