St. Louis Children’s Hospital cochlear implant patients and families have formed two support groups. The groups are organized by two enthusiastic volunteers and are also be supported by the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Cochlear Implant Team. There are three aims for both groups: 1) to provide emotional support for families going through similar experiences with their children; 2) to help children and adolescents socialize with each other; and 3) provide education on various topics related to hearing loss and cochlear implants.  

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Cochlear Implant Parent Support Group

DeAnna Clark, a parent of one of our cochlear implant recipients is leading the parent group. Please contact DeAnna, if you would like to receive the mailings/updates. DeAnna would love to have other parent volunteers to help with this group, so please let her know if you are interested. Her contact information is as follows:

DeAnna Clark
Email: [email protected]

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Cochlear Implant Teen Support Group

Teenage implant recipient, David Cluff, is providing leadership for teens that are looking to connect with other Cochlear Implant recipients and/or other deaf teens. Many of our teens are now mainstreamed in their public schools and no longer with other peers who have cochlear implants.  The aim of this group is to create relationships among the teen demographic and to have a good time! Please contact David and indicate if you would like to receive the mailings/updates.

David Cluff
Email:  [email protected]

For more information on the St. Louis Children's Hospital Cochlear Implant Program please call 314.454.2201.