When a child is first diagnosed with diabetes, a parent's natural lack of experience with this condition often leads to a host of questions and concerns about a child's healthy future. In the beginning, diabetes can seem like a looming hill of never-ending worries.

In our meetings we offer families living with diabetes an opportunity to connect and talk about this unexpected hurdle. Parents new to daily life with diabetes may find it worthwhile to join together on this unfamiliar journey and be guided by the knowledge of more experienced parents. Children and teens with diabetes may find it helpful to meet others living day-to-day with diabetes. With support, diabetes is revealed as a manageable condition that does not have to be the cause of endless worries and obstacles.

Upcoming Meetings

When and Where:

  • August 3, 2018, 4 to 7pm at the Magic House
  • September 8, 2018, Family Picnic, location TBD

For Information: To learn more about our meetings and sign up for events, please contact Beth Alseth and Maureen Burch, Diabetes Educators, at 314.454.2266.