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Patient Stories

Children’s Arrhythmia Clinic Helps Family Live Normally With Rare Heart Syndrome

Samantha Etheridge and her children have a rare, and potentially life-threatening disease called Brugada syndrome. ...

Patient Stories

Twenty-Five Years Post-Transplant, Jacques Remembers St. Louis Children's Hospital Experience

Kim Jacques recalls being a member of a very exclusive club as a teenager. Kim, who was 16 at the ...

Patient Stories

Special Patient Receives Special Care From Heart Center and Transplant Teams

Dale Robertson, born with a rare congenital heart defect, was among the first generation of patients to receive newly developed ...

Mom Docs

What Parents Need to Know About Kids & the COVID-19 Vaccine

You may have heard recently that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for adolescents aged 12-15. In this video ...

Expert Advice

Paws to Teach

Children are bitten by dogs more than any other age group. That’s why it’s important to teach them how to ...