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Patient Stories

Journey Into motherhood as an Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patient

When Kelsey Beelman was 2 weeks old, her pediatrician heard a heart murmur. “My parents knew it wasn’t good when ...

Patient Stories

St. Louis Children's Hospital ‘the Best Place You Can Be’ for Family After Surprising Diagnosis

The day of Journee Vinyard’s annual well child exam when she was just 6 years old was one her family ...

Patient Stories

SLCH Cares For Heart Disease Patient From Infancy Into Adulthood

In 1987, at 18 months old, Alex Dixon was the first infant at St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) to successfully ...

Mom Docs

Adolescent Medicine Doctors: Offering Supplementary Teen Care

What do you do when your child becomes a teen and hits puberty? Your pediatrician doesn’t seem to have the ...

Expert Advice

Past, Present, and Future of Single Ventricle Care at St. Louis Children's Hospital

Presented at the Single Ventricle Family Forum 2021, Dr. Canter discusses the Timeline of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome/Single Ventricle Therapy ...