Olson Family Garden

Location: Outside St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s eighth floor, on the rooftop


  • Interactive 8000-square-foot rooftop oasis designed expressly for children and families who want a place for privacy, solace and healing

  • Home to more than 7,000 plants and flowers

  • Places to sit and rest, including a swing, benches and small coves

  • Crafts, puppet shows and performances by storytellers

  • Waterfalls and fountains

  • Winding paths and stepping stones

  • Goldfish ponds and sculptures

  • Views of nearby Forest Park

  • Lights at nighttime and special decorations during the holidays

  • Named for Bruce and Kim Olson, the hospital donors who spearheaded the project

Virtual tour: Visit the Olson Family Garden via virtual tour.

7th Floor Garden

Location: Outside St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s seventh floor, on the rooftop


  • Space for families and siblings to spend time and run

  • Soft, rubberized play surface

  • Gathering space

  • Ramp for accessibility

Providing Outdoor Spaces for Healing and Comfort

“Nature can be such a wonderful source of healing and comfort,” says Kim Olson, hospital donor who spearheaded the Olson Family Garden. “We wanted to help create a natural environment that everyone at the hospital could enjoy, from patients and families to caregivers.”

According to hospital chaplain Rev. Connie Madden, the garden represents a place for families and staff to “re-center.” “I’ve discovered that the garden works like a sanctuary,” she explains. “People go there to feel safe and less harried.”