Cancer diagnosis and treatment for children

Investigational Agents and Phase 1

The Investigational Agents and Phase 1 Program offers several treatment regimens that provide the newest drugs and therapies available for children with malignant diseases. Both Phase I and Phase II clinical trials are available for patient enrollment. We are a member of the Children’s Oncology Group Phase I Consortium, one of only 21 pediatric cancer institutions in the country with access to newly developing drugs and treatment regimens for children with refractory cancer. Patients have every resource available to help them. In addition, we have active institutionally based and limited institution trials available to provide a broad regimen of treatments for patients who fail conventional upfront therapy.

Our staff and research team are highly skilled in delivering investigational agents and with the extensive clinical resources of the Washington University Medical Center, including state of the art imaging, the pediatric specialists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the latest in radiation therapy including gamma knife and the soon to be erected proton beam facility, a comprehensive treatment strategy will be developed for the patient.