The Pediatric Radiology Team

Radiology Services

  • Geetika Khanna, MD

    Geetika Khanna, MD

  • Karen Caudill, MD

    Karen Caudill, MD

  • Steven Don, MD

    Steven Don, MD

  • Thomas Herman, MD

    Thomas Herman, MD

  • Rebecca Hulett-Bowling, MD

    Rebecca Hulett-Bowling, MD

  • William McAlister, MD

    William McAlister, MD

  • Robert McKinstry, MD, PhD

    Robert McKinstry, MD, PhD

  • Marilyn Siegel, MD

    Marilyn Siegel, MD

  • Zhongwei Zhang, MD, PHD

    Zhongwei Zhang, MD, PHD

  • Christine Pavlak

    Christine Pavlak


  • Crystal Crosby

    Crystal Crosby

    Radiology Program Manager

  • Christi Lappe, CT

    Christi Lappe, CT

    Charge Technologist

  • Debbie Reiter

    Debbie Reiter

    Ultrasound Charge Sonographer

  • Rachel Orlet

    Rachel Orlet

    MRI Charge Technologist

  • Ashton Schultz, CSCC

    Ashton Schultz, CSCC

    Supervisor, Children's Specialty Care Center

  • Kristine Hellige

    Kristine Hellige

    Nuclear Medicine Charge Technologist

  • Melissa Alferman

    Melissa Alferman

    Interventional Radiology Charge Technologist

  • Mike Hogan

    Mike Hogan

    Diagnostic Radiology Charge Technologist

  • Erin Wilson

    Erin Wilson

    Diagnostic Radiology Charge Technologist

  • Anne Klepner

    Anne Klepner


  • Dan Huellewig

    Dan Huellewig

    MRI and 3D Printing Lab Supervisor

  • Stacey Reime

    Stacey Reime

    Ultrasound Supervisor

  • Shenell Richardson

    Shenell Richardson

    Scheduling/Patient Access Supervisor

  • Michael Hoxsey

    Michael Hoxsey

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

  • Joyce Lawson, CCLS

    Joyce Lawson, CCLS

    Child Life Specialist

    • Radiology
    • Ambulatory Procedure Center