Frequently asked questions about visits to the radiology department

Why does the radiology department request insurance information during registration?

We request insurance information each time you register at the hospital because it's the best way to ensure your insurance company receives an accurate bill. Once this information is entered into our system, bills are automatically sent to your insurance company. We need to submit accurate and updated information to avoid billing errors.

How long will the exam process take?

The x-ray technologist performing your child's exam will be happy to let you know the length of time needed to complete the exam procedure. When the exam is completed, the radiologist will interpret the exam results, which will take an additional 10-15 minutes. 

If your physician has requested we call him or her with the results, we will call them before your release. If you have been waiting longer than 30 minutes following your x-ray or have any questions, please notify the front desk.

Who will tell me the results of my child’s X-ray?

Your personal physician has comprehensive knowledge of your child's history. It is most appropriate for him or her to relay the x-ray results to you.

How does my doctor receive the X-ray results?

Most physicians will receive results by fax the day the exam is completed or the day following the exam. If your doctor is not connected to our fax system, results will be mailed to his or her office the same day. Please allow two working days for your physician to receive the results by mail.

How will I know when we are ready to leave radiology?

Someone from Radiology will notify you when your child's examination process has been completed and you are able to leave. If you have other questions once you arrive home, please feel free to call Radiology at: 314.454.6140.

Questions about your bill

Families typically receive two bills after their child is treated at St. Louis Children's Hospital. If you have any questions, you may call the following numbers:

  • For St. Louis Children's Hospital Radiology (x-ray) charges, please call Patient Accounts, 314.286.2384.
  • For charges from Washington University School of Medicine covering interpretation and radiologists' services, please call the number listed on your Washington University School of Medicine billing statement. If possible, have your insurance card and billing statement available when you call.