We specialize in kids

Our equipment, dosing and imaging expertise is specialized for newborns, children and adolescents.

Our radiology technologists are specially trained in pediatric imaging, and all clinical staff are credentialed by national accrediting bodies and specialize in pediatric healthcare. That training results in reduced radiation exposure and scan time, as well as need for sedation during imaging. When sedation is necessary, our team of pediatric specialists coordinate to provide the safest and most appropriate level of sedation.

Kid-friendly facilities

At the Joe Buck Imaging Center on our main campus and at the Specialty Care Center - West County, our waiting rooms are designed to make the experience less stressful for kids — and even fun. Our waiting areas include X-Box games, an aquarium, and sports memorabilia.

Dedicated, experienced team

Our pediatric radiology team performs more than 100,000 pediatric radiology exams each year. Every test is read by a pediatric-trained specialist, nationally certified in pediatric radiology by the American Board of Radiology.

Safe imaging

We focus on providing your child the safest imaging experience through a variety of methods:

  • We use the most advanced imaging devices in the world, including the FLASH CT scanner, which delivers high-quality images with the lowest amount of radiation.

  • We tailor our imaging to your child’s age, weight and body part that needs images.

  • We take the minimum number of images needed: We do this by limiting the need for retakes through distraction techniques, use of child life specialists and sedation, when needed.

  • We focus only on the specific area of the body needed when taking images.

Timely images and results

We are open every day, including evenings and weekends, even for specialized tests. On-site specialists are available for immediate follow-up care or treatment as needed. And whenever possible, we deliver same day results to your child’s primary care physician or pediatrician.

Developing healthy coping techniques

A child life specialist collaborates with the radiology team to help your child:

  • Have an overall positive experience

  • Reduce anxiety related to any needed medical procedures

  • Develop coping techniques tailored to his or her level of understanding and age

Alternatives to surgery

Our radiology team includes pediatric interventional radiologists, specialists who use radiologic images to perform catheter-based procedures. These procedures can be used for diagnosis and sometimes as alternatives to surgery. A dedicated interventional pediatric radiology suite accommodates minimally-invasive procedures using X-ray and ultrasound.

National AccreditationDiagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence

In 2023, the St. Louis Children’s Hospital MRI was reaccredited through the American College of Radiology (ACR), considered the gold standard in medical imaging. This highly prestigious accreditation recognizes the highest quality, safest practices, and overall best care possible in the field of radiology. ACR accreditation can be earned every 3 years with continued quality and improvement efforts. Ultrasound, CT, and the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center also earned this recognition.

Quality Assurance Program

Our focus is to improve consistent image quality, standardizing exam protocols for all pediatric imaging sites and maintaining consistent exposure factors to maintain high image quality while reducing patient radiation exposure. 

Patient Satisfaction

St Louis Children’s Hospital is in the 99th percentile ranking for Patient Satisfaction Scores. 


We are actively partnered with Washington University School of Medicine to help continue to advance medicine through robust research projects with collaboration in all of our imaging modalities.