Did you know children with poor hearing and vision have a difficult time listening, learning and understanding, especially in school?

Vision problems are the fourth most common disability among children in the United States. When children with poor vision receive prescription glasses, their ability to learn increases and their quality of life improves.

Hearing loss is the most common inherited condition in the United States. Every day, 33 infants are born with some amount of hearing loss. Hearing loss can also occur through trauma, loud noise exposure, infection, certain medications, excessive wax, tumors, and abnormalities of the ear.

Many children do not receive the screenings needed to detect these problems.

Healthy Kids Express™ – Screening Program:

  • Is a site-based program, partnering with local school districts, day care centers, and Head Start programs.
  • Provides services such as hearing and vision screenings, lead and iron deficiency testing, immunizations, and height and weight checks. 
  • Offers referrals for medical and social services. 
  • Screen approximately 60 kids during a typical site visit. 
  • Can implement “Blitz Days” in which the team screens up to 300 kids in one day at a particular site.

Program Cost

All services are FREE of charge and covered by generous donations to the St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation.

If you would like for us to consider your school for the screening program, email us at [email protected]