These 90-minute virtual presentations are intended for parents and include time for questions and answers. Offered for private groups by request only. Minimum enrollment is 6 and parent attendees must pre-register. Request a presentation for your group or organization.

Beyond “Because I Said So”: Parents will learn the difference between punishment and discipline, discuss how to set limits, create rules and logical consequences, and find positive discipline techniques that will work for their family.

Child Passenger Safety Basics:  Parents will learn about the proper use of car seats and seat belts in this interactive presentation provided by a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. 

Diapers to Underpants: Parents will learn how to recognize when a child is ready to begin the toilet learning process, and discuss effective ways to help their children achieve this milestone.

Pediatric First-Aid Basics:  Parents will learn about practical age-specific safety issues and how to prevent and handle common accidental injuries from a registered nurse. 

Safe Sleep for Babies, 0-12 Months: Parents will learn important information to keep their babies, 0-12 months, safe during all sleep times. Information includes when to swaddle, how to correctly swaddle a baby, crib safety, and the importance of tummy time when baby is awake.

Sleep: A to Zzzz: Parents will learn about the significance of sleep for children, discuss the importance of a bedtime routine and learn how to create and keep a routine that works for their family.

Request a Presentation for your group or organization:

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Your organization must meet the following criteria:

- Presentations should be requested at least four to six weeks in advance.

Registration for the presentation is required. Organization must provide names, addresses, and emails of those in attendance.

- Minimum enrollment is 6

- This presentation is intended for parents only. 

- Presentations are 90 minutes long, which includes time for questions and answers.

- This will be a PowerPoint presentation.

- In the event the presentation is canceled, it is your responsibility to notify the registered participants.

- Material packets will be sent in advance along with PDFs and PowerPoint. 

- An evaluation link will be provided to participants, and the results will be shared with organizer.

- Organization must provide meeting link unless it is otherwise agreed to use a BJC Teams meeting link. 

- Please note, presentations cannot be recorded.