As part of BJC HealthCare, St. Louis Children's Hospital is committed to improving the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve. One way we do so is by offering activities like making first aid kits, Spin-to-Win wheels, button or magnet making, and bicycle helmet safety checks at community programs and events. Click here to begin an activity request form for one of the activities described below.

Bookmarks - Participants decorate a bookmark to keep their place in their favorite book.

Button/Magnet Making - Fun activity of making a button for parents and children to do together.

First Aid Kits - Children assemble a first aid kit and learn how to properly care for cuts and scrapes.

Glowbug Hand Washing - Children learn how hand washing takes time and diligence to be done properly to make sure the hands are clean. (Must be near an electric outlet; children must have access to sink for handwashing.)

Handprint Poems - Children place their painted handprints onto a paper with a keepsake poem.

Lunch Bags - Children decorate a recyclable lunch bag.

Prize Drop-Nutrition - Introduces nutritional facts in a fun and engaging manner.

Prize Putt - Fun activity for children to use their hand, eye coordination.

Spin the Wheel-Safety - Introduces the importance of safe practices in and outside the home, including common household poisons.

Spin the Wheel-Sun Safety - Introduces the importance of safe practices in the sun.

Spin the Wheel-Fitness - Introduces the importance of activity and provides examples of exercises children can do at home. 

Spin the Wheel-Nutrition - Introduces the importance of the five food groups that are the building blocks for good health.