These activities are available for your next family-centered event at no charge to your group or organization. Let us help you choose the activity that best suits your event. Requirements must be met by your organization for us to provide these activities.  

    Health and Safety Activities

    Glow Bug Hand Washing: Kids learn about good hand washing techniques and personal hygiene, with the use of “magic” lotion and a black light. 

    First-Aid Kits: Children assemble simple first-aid kits that can be kept in a backpack or desk drawer.

    Helmet Safety Check: Trained experts check children’s helmets for proper fit. New helmets are also available for purchase at a reduced cost. Request a Helmet Safety Check

    Lunch Bags: Kids can decorate their own lunch bag.  It's a unique way to display their artwork while taking a tasty lunch on the go!  Each child will receive a recipe card that lists ideas to create a healthy lunch.

    Spin to Win: Kids spin the wheel and learn about one of three different topics: Request Form

    • Fit ‘n’ Fun: Kids spin the wheel to bend, stretch, jump and learn about the importance of staying active.
    • Poison and Safety: Kids spin the wheel to learn the importance of safe practices in and outside the home; including common household poisons.
    • Nutrition: Kids spin the wheel to learn the importance of the five food groups that are the building blocks for healthy eating habits.


    Button or Magnet Making: Kids have a chance to color and assemble their very own button or magnet.

    Handprint Poem: Kids paint with their handprints to create one of a kind artwork to be treasured. 

    Send a Hug:  Sending good thoughts and hugs from you!  Kids create and color a special hug to brighten a relative or friend's day. 

    Safety Stop Informational Display

    Safety Stop Display: Up to three topics can be addressed with this interactive informational display:

    • Car Seats
    • Bicycle Helmets
    • Home Safety

    Request a Safety Stop Display