In full remembrance lies a path to healing our grief.  Although we may have suggested a service which is specifically for your child, we want you to feel free to come whenever the time is right for you. Please call the number listed below if you wish to attend a specific service in order to include your child’s name on the list for that service.

In 2020 the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Bereavement Program, sponsored by the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation scheduled four Remembrance and Healing Services.  Due to the onset of COVID 19 we were only able to host the service for March 7, 2020.  Services for June 6, September 12, and December 6, 2020 are cancelled.  At this time of COVID 19 safety remains our concern.  No further services are scheduled in 2020.  For questions please contact the Bereavement Coordinator, Chaplain Jonell Calloway at 314.215.7213.  

Additional Events and Resources

BJC Hospice sponsors community Bereavement Camps including Stepping Stones for children, Labyrinth for teens, Weavings for mothers, Daybreak for couples and Wings on Wheels.

Bereavement Resources: Organizations with Local Meetings, Books, Music, Websites, Printable Resources and Journaling.