CCTV at St. Louis Children's Hospital

While in the hospital patients and families may simply turn to channel 8 to take a look at our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) programming. On this channel you can find newly released movies, informational videos and fun interactive game shows.

Relaxation Station

You may also turn to channel 9 to enjoy our Relaxation Station. This channel aims to provide relaxation and stress relief to patients and families using calming relaxation videos and music.

CCTV Movies

CCTV offers a variety of newly released videos to view from the comfort of your hospital bed.

Special Events

Any large scale special event is aired on CCTV. This gives patients who are not able to leave their room an opportunity to join in on the fun.

Child Life Services and Media Services provide weekly game shows including hospital Bingo, St. Louis Bingo and "Memory" with multiple themes. There is also a quarterly show titled "Remote Control Art" in which local artists create a mural or artwork with the guidance of patients and families. Our newest addition to CCTV is "Radio Snerd". This interactive radio show lets patients control the airwaves of St. Louis Children's Hospital.  To download our special "Radio Snerd" coloring sheets, click here.

Patients are able to participate in any CCTV program by visiting the Child Life Services Playroom or calling in from their patient room. Patients may also have opportunities to assist staff in hosting the show or running the camera!


  • Provides entertainment, education and helps enhance a patient's self esteem by allowing them to appear on TV.
  • Gives patients who are isolated or immobilized a chance to gain a sense of belonging through participation.
  • Provides prizes, delivered to winners by hospital staff and volunteers.
  • Provides a positive and entertaining experience for patients and families and is often talked about for days.