Child Life Services hosts a variety of special events throughout the year and during the holidays.

Special Events provide:

  • break from hospital routine
  • opportunity for fun and exploration
  • chances for children to feel less isolated
  • family fun
  • new media for hospitalized patients
  • a chance for children to learn more about the world around them
  • exposure to new talents and areas of interest to patients
Mickey and Minnie visit the hospital
Special Event at the hospital
Will Smith visits the hospital


Events are scheduled any day of the week/weekend/evenings and at various times of the day.  Special events are scheduled for patients/families in the 8th floor playroom, teen lounge, garden and atrium.  Some special events are broadcasted live over the hospitals CCTV Channel 7 or guests are able to visit with patients in their rooms for a more personable experience.  Child Life Services works with several departments within the hospital to provide a meaningful experience for all patients. There are many regular scheduled events such as BINGO games, TOUCH Dogs, Recycle Project and Magic House Activities to name a few.

If you are interested in providing a special event, please complete the Special Event Request form below. All event forms must be submitted a month in advance of the requested event date to allow for staffing needs. 

Special Event Request

Please note, we will try to accommodate your schedule preference; however, there is no guarantee.

Please include information on what your group would like to do at the hospital, any certification or expertise in your area, the number of people that will be in attendance, anyone under the age of 18, time restrictions, space or material needs, etc.
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