Seizures are complicated. Getting expert care for children affected by treatment-resistant epilepsy (hard-to-treat seizures) shouldn’t be. At the Pediatric Epilepsy Advanced Technologies Clinic, we make it easier for families to access our leading specialists’ expertise when medication doesn’t control a child’s seizures. 

Expert, Efficient Care for Children With Treatment-Resistant (Intractable) Epilepsy

This clinic brings together top-ranking pediatric specialists with different areas of epilepsy expertise, including neurology, neurosurgery and nutrition. We have one goal: to improve the lives of children affected by seizures. 

Here, you can expect:

  • Coordinated care: Our team works together with families to determine the best next steps for your child. We also coordinate with your child’s primary neurologist. We make sure they’re aware of the care your child receives and our recommendations for additional treatments. Learn more about epilepsy treatment options.
  • Thorough evaluation: We will review your child’s previous medical records and tests before your first visit with us. This approach ensures we make the most of our time with you. During your child’s initial appointment, our team will fully evaluate your child’s health. This includes a thorough review of your child’s symptoms, previous diagnoses and treatments. 
  • Comprehensive diagnosis: As part of the diagnostic process, we may recommend further testing based on your child’s needs. At the Pediatric Epilepsy Center, you have access to sophisticated tests and diagnostic procedures, such as stereotactic EEG. The information we gather helps our doctors learn more about your child’s seizures. That leads us to the treatments that are more likely to benefit your child. Learn more about common tests your child may need in our helpful guide to the patient journey
  • Personalized treatment plan: After your initial visit, our team of pediatric specialists meets to discuss your child’s care. This collaboration of diverse pediatric and epilepsy specialists informs our treatment recommendations. Together, we create a treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs. This plan may recommend changes to antiseizure medication or additional therapies, such as epilepsy surgery.
  • Focus on families: A dedicated nurse navigator works with you to coordinate your visit as well as any other appointments or testing your child may need. Our entire team is here to answer your questions and can help explain what to expect in the epilepsy care process. We’ll be by your side as we seek the therapies that give your child the greatest relief from seizures.

Considering Epilepsy Surgery in Childhood

When medications fail, your child’s doctor may consider surgery to target the problem area of the brain responsible for seizures. Epilepsy surgery is not right for every child, and we understand the weight of this decision. 

As a Level 4 Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, our Pediatric Epilepsy Center offers the highest level of epilepsy care, including expertise in all types of epilepsy surgery. You can trust our team to explain all your options, always with your child’s best interest at heart.

Our pediatric epilepsy team includes national leaders in epilepsy care. We have extensive experience in all forms of epilepsy surgery. Recent care advances in the field make surgery a safe option for more children whose seizures don’t respond to medication therapy. 

Learn more about the factors doctors consider when evaluating a child for epilepsy surgery.