At the Washington University Pediatric Epilepsy Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a deep bench of epilepsy specialists consult on your child’s care. Multiple epilepsy doctors, with different areas of expertise, meet with each other — and with you — to ensure the highest level of care for every child.

Multidisciplinary Pediatric Epilepsy Care 

Multidisciplinary care means multiple experts join forces to ensure they consider every way epilepsy could affect your child, today and in the future. This collaboration leads to treatment recommendations and support customized to what makes your child unique. 

Our epilepsy doctors

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, you have access to one of the largest teams of pediatric epilepsy specialists in the country. Our physician team offers expertise in:

  • Pediatric epileptology: Our team has 13 pediatric epileptologists. These epilepsy doctors are pediatric neurologists who have completed additional training in how epilepsy affects babies and children.  
  • Neurosurgery: Our neurosurgeon is trained to perform the latest types of epilepsy surgeries, using both open and minimally invasive techniques. Find out more about epilepsy treatment options.
  • Neuropsychology: Neuropsychologists receive training in general psychology and neuropsychology. They help manage ways that epilepsy may affect how a child thinks or acts. 
  • Genetics: Our geneticist helps facilitate specialized tests that look for changes in genes that may point to a genetic cause of epilepsy.

Our support professionals

Our team also includes other professionals who provide specialized knowledge and support to families and children throughout the care process. At some point during your care, you may encounter a:

  • Nurse navigator: This person coordinates testing and appointments, streamlining the care process for families.
  • Social worker: These professionals help families overcome transportation, financial or other obstacles that may make it more difficult to receive care.
  • Dietitian: Our dietitian specializes in nutritional therapies for epilepsy, such as the ketogenic diet, and serves as a resource to families making significant lifestyle changes.
  • Nursing professionals: Our nurses and nurse practitioners are trained in the unique needs of children with epilepsy. They support families in countless ways throughout diagnosis and treatment.
  • EEG technologists: These trained medical professionals administer electrocephalogram (EEG) tests. An EEG uses electrodes attached to your child’s head to measure and record electrical activity in the brain. 

Epilepsy Center Team