Pediatric Epilepsy ResearchAt the Washington University Pediatric Epilepsy Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we drive the future of epilepsy care. Our pediatric epilepsy specialists are national leaders in epilepsy research and treatment. 

This level of dedication means children under our care have access to almost every recent epilepsy innovation. Innovative diagnostic tools, new medications and refined surgical techniques bring the future of epilepsy care to your child’s bedside, today.

Epilepsy Research and Innovations at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Our epilepsy program is part of the overall neurosurgery and neurology program at St. Louis Children’s. It is consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally by U.S. News & World Report. Our team’s commitment to excellence in patient care mirrors our determination to better the lives of more children with epilepsy.

Highlights of our program include:

  • World-class leaders in epilepsy care: Our Pediatric Epilepsy Center is home to one of the largest and most experienced group of pediatric epilepsy specialists in the country. 
  • Full spectrum of epilepsy research: Our clinicians are leading studies into every aspect of epilepsy care, including new antiseizure medications, diagnostic tools and surgical therapies. We offer families the latest treatment options, even for hard-to-treat seizures. Learn more about epilepsy treatments options.
  • Expertise in rare epilepsy types: Our epileptologists care for a high volume of children with rare genetic conditions, such as tuberous sclerosis and Rett syndrome. This uncommon expertise helps us provide the latest treatments. Learn more about the focused care we provide in our epilepsy specialty clinics.
  • Excellent outcomes: Part of our research includes analyzing our outcomes data so other centers can benefit from our experience. Children who have epilepsy surgery at our center benefit from our refined surgical techniques. We offer above-average seizure-free rates and low complications after surgery.

Current and Ongoing Epilepsy Research Efforts

Our doctors are always pushing to improve diagnostic and therapeutic options for children affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders. That persistence is reflected in some of our research. We are leading ongoing studies focusing on every aspect of epilepsy care for children, including:

  • Improving care for patients with rare subtypes of epilepsy
  • Exploring new anti-epileptic drugs 
  • Advancing epilepsy diagnostic tools
  • Fine-tuning epilepsy surgery techniques
  • Analyzing clinical outcomes of children who have epilepsy surgery to understand risks
  • Discovering how the ketogenic diet heals epilepsy for some children