Patients are considered for liver transplant when their liver disease or condition cannot be significantly improved by medical therapy alone. Our program treats many types of liver diseases and conditions.

Following is a list of the most common types of liver conditions we treat:


We provide the following surgical treatment:

We provide the following options for liver transplant:

  • Segmental liver transplants - a portion of an adult deceased donor liver can be transplanted into an infant or child.
  • Living donor transplant - a portion of an adult’s liver (a parent, family member, or volunteer donor) is transplanted into an infant or child.
  • Split liver transplants - an adult deceased donor’s liver is split into two portions and either transplanted into an adult and infant or into two children.
  • Domino liver transplants - in which patients with certain metabolic diseases receives a liver transplant but then can donate their native liver into a patient with end-stage liver disease without that patient developing the metabolic disorder.
  • Dual Organ Transplant - a patient’s disease may be impacting another organ and, in addition to a liver transplant, the patient also needs to have another organ transplanted.

We also can provide second opinion service for pediatric liver disease and transplants:
A second opinion is an important resource for every patient. It can help answer your questions and confirm diagnosis and treatment options. Our team of experienced Hepatology and Liver Transplant specialists welcomes requests for a second opinion on any liver disease diagnosis or liver disease treatment recommendation your child has been given. To request a second opinion, please call 800.678.4357.