St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine’s Young Athlete Center is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for the Young Athletes of the region. This comprehensive Lower Extremity Evaluation will provide a detailed look at strength and 3D motion analysis of movement while screening for movement errors that are associated with common injuries such as: ACL Tears, Muscle Strains, Ankle, Knee, & Hip joint injuries, and much more. Injuries can leave athletes on the sideline rather than in the game, and this evidence-based evaluation is designed to identify potential risk factors and intervene before injuries happen. We want athletes to ASPIRE to stay on the field.

What to expect?

Prior to the evaluation, participants will complete a health and activity questionnaire. Participants should come to the session prepared to work out as the assessment is designed to determine the limits of their abilities. A Certified Athletic Trainer will perform the evaluation and follow up session. After taking some baseline measurements the session will begin with a detailed strength assessment which provides actual numbers for muscle force of the major muscles. Common muscle groups used in sports include core strength, prime movers, and essential stabilizing muscles. Strength testing is followed by a functional movement and balance screening that will look for faulty movement patterns. The athlete will be assessed using 3D motion analysis and force plates to look at symmetry and joint angles during functional activities. All of this information is analyzed and put together in a comprehensive report for the athlete to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Each evaluation includes a follow up session to review results. At the follow up session the athlete will get a report on abilities and performance as well as areas that may present increased risk of injury. This will include specific instruction in exercises to target muscular imbalances or training guidance to address movement patterns. If the screenings reveal any additional areas of concern, appropriate referrals will be made so the athlete can seek further evaluation.

Program Details

  • Ages- 12-18 years old
  • Evaluations performed on Friday afternoons, Thursdays for follow up session
  • Type of evaluation: Lower Body Evaluation
  • Time- Evaluation-1.5 hours; Follow up session- 1 hour (Additional follow up visits may be available if interested.)
  • Cost- $250 (No insurance billing at this time but may be eligible for Flexible Spending account, please see specifics from your provider)

This evaluation is not meant to replace formal orthopedic evaluation or treatment of orthopedic or sports injuries. However, it may identify issues that may need to be addressed or further evaluated. All participants must be cleared to participate in strenuous exercise, including jumping and functional movement.

This is a comprehensive evaluation of the abilities of predominantly lower extremity sports such as soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse. Any athlete who participates in running and jumping during their sport is encouraged to register. The evaluation will also provide a good foundation for other sports that require upper extremities but it does not directly address certain specialized skills such as throwing.


  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center - West County
    • Address: 13001 North Outer Forty Road, Suite 350, Town and Country, MO 63017

How do I Register?


Health and Fitness Liability Waver

The Young Athlete Center Bridge Program requires a waiver be filled out by parents prior to attending the class.  Please print the waiver, sign it, and send it with your child(ren) who attend the class.

Health and Fitness Liability Waiver