12 Weeks
3 Disciplines
1 Class

Head to Toe is a weight management program that helps children and their parents/caregivers learn to make healthier lifestyle choices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, families can participate in 90-minute group sessions that are held virtually once a week for 12 weeks.

The Head to Toe Program is multi-disciplinary. All classes rotate between social work, nutrition, and exercise, and are led by professionals in each respective discipline.

Each participant receives a handbook that provides the information that will be covered in class.

Lifestyle and Knowledge assessments are administered to parents and children at the beginning and end of the program. Children also take the Piers Harris Self Concept Scale and complete a fitness assessment consisting of curl-ups, sit and reach, modified push-ups, and a cardiovascular endurance test.

Families are refunded full payment if they attend all 12 program sessions. Parents must attend each session with their child, but can attend without their child and still receive credit for attendance.

The Teams

Head to Toe was started at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and has been expanded to include the following locations:

  • First Hand Foundation in Kansas City, MO
  • Progress West Hospital in O'Fallon, MO


Head to Toe began with two families meeting with a dietitian and physical therapist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital around 2001. The program grew to include paid staff and a set curriculum and was launched at several locations around St. Louis.

In 2015, introduction to the program was added as part of patients’ initial visits to the Healthy Start Clinic. And in 2016, the program was deemed "Effective Based" by the Healthy Communities Institute, which measures and improves public health.

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The Head to Toe program is available for replication. Learn more.