The Head to Toe program is available for replication.


The agency/organization will need to sign a contract agreement.

Agencies agree to the following in the contract:

  1. Offer the program only in an agreed upon service area.
  2. Submit attendance reports reflecting the number of participants at their site.
  3. Use the St. Louis Children's Hospital Head to Toe curriculum and program materials as they are designed.
  4. Obtain St. Louis Children's Hospital's approval, if applicable, upon 15 days prior notice, for any media or other publications related to the Head to Toe program.
  5. Ensure all health information collected from individuals participating in the program is maintained in a confidential manner consistent with applicable state and federal law with regard to the privacy of health information.
  6. Participate in a Train-the-Trainer taught by St. Louis Children's Hospital staff to ensure the new site fully understands the program.

Why offer Head to Toe?

Evidence Based

This program was deemed “Evidence Based” by the Healthy Communities Institute.

Low Cost

The participant cost of the program is relatively low and can be adjusted for your area.

St. Louis Children's Hospital provides the curriculum, materials, and training at an agreed upon cost to an agency. St. Louis Children's Hospital staff can provide training in St. Louis or travel to the agency's location. 

Easily Implemented

Apart from a legal contract, the program only requires the site to offer a handbook, location, and staff.

People are Searching

Families are looking for help with their children’s weight and nutrition. Doctors are looking for viable resources to refer to their patients. The Head to Toe program is a solution to a prevalent problem for the patient and practitioner.