Location address

Your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Due to the hospital’s demanding staffing needs, the request must be completed at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
  • Registration for the helmet check is required. Once a helmet check date is confirmed, you will receive a registration information flyer to distribute to families.
  • Minimum enrollment is 25. Having fewer than 25 registrants two days before the helmet check date will result in cancellation. In the event the helmet check is canceled, it is your responsibility to notify the registered participants.
  • Provide tables and chairs
  • Receive delivery of helmets and other materials prior to event and deliver it to the event site.
  • Return materials after the event.  We will arrange pick up of the materials.
  • Arrange for a designated support person for the day of the event

Please Note: St. Louis Children’s Hospital is providing a free community service to ensure the safety of the children in your area. We will fit a child's existing helmet or a new helmet can purchased for $11. To guarantee that every child’s helmet fits properly, St. Louis Children’s Hospital cannot sell helmets for children who are not present at your event.