TIPS to keep your child safe and secure as a passenger in the back seat of your car: 

  • Never intentionally leave a child alone in a car – not even for a minute. 
  • Always lock your parked car and teach your child never to play or hide in cars. 
  • Establish a routine of checking the back seat every time you exit the car just to make sure no one is left behind.
  • Be extra alert when there is a change in your routine.  Even a small change can have devastating consequences. 
  • Put your child’s things, such as a diaper bag or small toy, in the front seat as a constant reminder of his/her presence even when you cannot see or hear them. 
  • Use a memory device, such as a stuffed bear, hang tag or Sophie’s KISS lanyard.  Move that item into and out of the car seat as a reminder. 
  • Place your purse, cell phone, or other personal items in the back seat near your child to provide one more reason to check the back seat. 
  • Ask your child care provider to call you if your child is late. 
  • Develop a standard way to communicate with the other parent or loved one each time the child is dropped off with a child care provider.    
  • Call 911 immediately if you see a child alone in a car. 

These tips are important all year round. 

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