Second Opinion Service

The Pediatric Liver Care Center welcomes requests for a second opinion on any liver disease diagnosis or liver disease treatment recommendation your child has been given. A second opinion is an important resource for every patient. It can help answer your questions and confirm diagnosis and treatment options. To request a second opinion, please call 800.678.4357.

Multicenter Listing for Liver Transplantation

Decrease your child's wait time for an organ with multicenter listing. Children listed with St. Louis Children’s Hospital have all potential donor options available to them, including partial liver transplantsliving donor liver transplants, and whole liver transplantation. As a result, the St. Louis Children's Hospital pediatric liver transplant program has one of the shortest organ waiting list times in the nation. Children listed for liver transplantation at another pediatric liver hospital may be able to decrease their waiting time by multicenter listing. For inquiries regarding multiple listing, please call 800.678.4357.