Asthma 101

Take control of your child’s asthma and breathe easier yourself by learning the basics of asthma and asthma medicines. This tutorial will help you identify when and how to provide quick relief for your child’s asthma symptoms. Learn the importance of having an asthma plan.

Asthma Can Be Controlled

The good news is that children living with asthma can lead normal lives. When asthma is controlled, children attend school regularly, exercise and play like other children and have no asthma-related hospital or emergency unit visits.

Breathe Easy, Keep Asthma Under Control

An asthma flare-up can sneak up on you and your child. Learn to watch out for the signs that mean your child’s asthma is getting worse.

Living with Asthma Video Living with Asthma Video

Want to learn the best way to take asthma medicine? Need a reminder about asthma triggers? Here is a fun way for kids and parents to learn more about asthma. St. Louis Children’s Hospital has created the Living with Asthma Video filled with lots of information and shows how to help keep asthma under control.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America- St. Louis Chapter

AAFA is a resource for our community, offering asthma and allergy education to schools and families along with medications, equipment, education and support to children with asthma from birth to 21, in lower income families not covered by insurance or government programs.