Fellows will be expected to have at least two hours per week in formal learning activities relevant to their professional and training goals. There are several activities that are mandatory within the Department of Psychology where fellows are active and valued participants.  Fellows can chose the remainder of activities based on their interest areas and training needs.

Department of Psychology

  • Health Psychology Seminar (2 hours every month): This seminar is a joint effort between our postdoctoral training program and the adult Psycho-oncology Fellowship at the Siteman Cancer Center.  It is attended by the faculty of each program and is open to other psychology trainees in the medical center. Seminar topics will be chosen in discussion with the fellows and training directors at the beginning of the year allowing for individualization to their training needs and interests.  The seminars may be led by the faculty of either program or guest speakers.  Potential topics could include:  mindfulness, motivational interviewing, somatization disorders, pain management, health care decision-making, ethics, cultural competence, and professional development.
  • Journal Club (monthly):  Attended by all Psychology faculty.  A journal article is selected by a psychology faculty member on a rotational basis.  Each fellow will select an article of interest and facilitate a group discussion at least once per year.
  • General Case Conference (monthly):  Attended by all Psychology faculty.  Cases are presented on a rotational basis with each fellow presenting at least once per year to the entire group.
  • Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology Case Conference (monthly):  Attended by the Clinical Child and Pediatric faculty.  Cases are presented on a rotational basis each fellow presenting at least once per year to the entire group.
  • Pediatric Case Conference (2x/month):  Attended by the Pediatric Psychology faculty.  The fellow will present a case for discussion on a rotational basis.
  • Psychology faculty meetings (monthly):  Attended by all Psychology faculty.  Guest speakers will present on relevant clinical issues.  Discussion of practice issues.  Workgroups to address process improvements within the department.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

  • Compassionate Care Rounds (monthly): A multidisciplinary forum where caregivers discuss difficult emotional and social issues that arise in caring for patients.

Washington University School of Medicine

  • Psychiatry Grand Rounds (weekly)
  • Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Focus Group (1 hr/month)
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds (weekly)
  • Pediatric Early Bird Rounds (weekly)
  • Pediatric Medical Resident Training Seminars (several options per week)

Other training experiences

  • Fellows will have the opportunity to conduct two community/professional education presentations.
  • Fellows will have the opportunity to provide clinical supervision to a psychology graduate student and to receive mentoring in supervision skills.