The research and quality improvement seminar is designed to enhance competencies with respect to conducting research, creating and executing quality improvement projects, and engaging in grant writing within an academic medical center. 

This course is designed to provide learning experiences that will expose the fellow to conducting pediatric psychology research and quality improvement in an academic medical center. Readings, discussions, seminar activities, and professional development lectures will provide experiences from which fellows may consciously construct a framework of knowledge that will support them in their professional endeavors. Throughout this seminar, fellows will:

  1. Gain an understanding of key aspects of how to conduct quality improvement projects in a pediatric hospital setting;
  2. Practice writing proposals for quality improvement projects and grants; 
  3. Increase awareness of cultural competencies in health care and the ongoing impact of health disparities with an emphasis on how to develop quality improvement and research addressing diversity and health equity;
  4. Develop professional skills in CV writing, interviewing, and negotiating;
  5. Learn health care leadership skills related to developing multidisciplinary research and quality improvement projects and how to include trainees in research.