Advocates visit the Stafe Capitol in Jefferson CityYes We CAN!

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What is the Children's Advocacy Network?

The Children’s Advocacy Network (CAN) is an organization of people who care about kids and the hospitals and caregivers who serve their health needs… people who are willing to contact their lawmakers on behalf of children and children’s health… people who contribute by lending their voices… people like you!

Why Join?

  • Make a difference by linking with other children’s hospitals in Missouri and around the country to achieve common goals.
  • Gain knowledge on key issues and legislation affecting children and their health care.
  • Share your St. Louis Children's Hospital experience and expertise with legislators! Explain how legislation or budgetary issues could affect the health care of Missouri children.

Hospital President Joan Magruder with Missouri Senator Dave SchatzWhat are the Qualifications?

  • Be a registered voter
  • Be willing to take a non-partisan approach to legislation
  • Learn St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s legislative agenda
  • Understand the role of a grassroots advocate
  • Be prepared to voice your support for St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s legislative priorities

Why is Advocacy Important to St. Louis Children’s Hospital?

We treat hundreds of children every day for their medical needs. While this clinical work may be the most visible part of our mission, advocacy is equally important. It’s how we ensure that laws are passed that my help prevent injuries, for example, or improve all children’s access to health resources. Children don’t have a voice in public policy that affects them and their families. CAN unites adults who believe children’s health matters and provides the tools for speaking out on behalf of kids.

How You Can Help

Advocates visit the Stafe Capitol in Jefferson CityBe informed, and become an advocate!

Each year, employees, friends, and families come together to travel to Jefferson City, Missouri to advocate on behalf of St. Louis Children's Hospital and our patients.  Not only have we helped shape legislation affecting kids, but we've proven we can assist in passing (or defeating!) important legislation.  Advocates will receive training and meet in groups with their own legislators to discuss what St. Louis Children's Hospital has meant to them, as well as champion legislation promoting the health care of Missouri's children.

We will again provide the option to ride a charter bus from St. Louis to the Capitol – meet new friends and become partners in advocacy!  Snacks, coffee, and water will be available during the trip, and lunch will be provided before we leave.