Nursing Professional Practice ModelThe Nursing Professional Practice Model at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is an image that describes the values, beliefs, and systems for nursing practice.  The model was revised in 2018 by the Clinical Nurse Leadership Council to ensure the components truly reflected the environment in which nurses work every day, across all practice settings.   

At the top of the model within the arch, the Patient, Family, and Community reflect the populations we serve, and the continuity of care provided whether the patient and family receive services as an inpatient, through ambulatory services, or through community outreach services. 

The children holding the balloons represent our values of nursing: compassion, respect, accountability, advocacy and caring. 

Patient and Family Centered Equitable Care is the philosophy for care delivery promoting partnerships with patients and families to achieve optimal health outcomes in a way that ensures all patients, regardless of differences, receive exceptional safe and effective equitable care. 

Research, Evidence-Based Practice, and Innovation represents the scientific aspect of nursing and the commitment to advancing nursing practice at St. Louis Children's Hospital. 

The foundation of the nursing practice environment is comprised of Shared Leadership, Collaboration, Recognition, and Professional Development. These four essential components highlight the importance of empowering nurses to practice autonomously to the full scope of their license through interprofessional collaborative practice, strong communication, pursuit of lifelong learning, and recognition for their contributions to nursing practice.