Advanced practice registered nurses (APNs), are among the many expert caregivers who meet patients' needs at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. We currently have over 250 providers practicing across the entire organization including almost all practice subspecialties and practice settings.

Who we are

Advanced practice nurses have the experience needed to provide specialized, expert care to all of our different patient populations. Advanced practice nurses include the following roles:

  • CRNP (certified registered nurse practitioners)
  • CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetists)

APNs at St. Louis Children’s Hospital work in many areas of the healthcare system, such as primary care, specialty care, critical care, the emergency department, home care and research. They conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventative healthcare, write prescriptions and more to care for and manage our patients and families.

Where we practice

APNs practice across the entire enterprise including:

  • Inpatient at the main hospital and our hospital partners as front line ordering clinicians (FLOCs), in consult roles, in procedural areas and in the emergency department
  • Outpatient in our subspecialty clinics across all ambulatory network and in our primary care/care network sites

By the numbers

  • 55% practice in our ICUs, inpatient medical and surgical floors, operating room and in the ED as front line ordering clinicians (FLOCs), CRNA
  • 45% practice outpatient in subspecialty clinics across all of our pediatric ambulatory network